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OVIEDO, Florida – January 15, 2009 – Group Seven Technology today announced it's release of Digital ArcHound™ - Windows Home Server Edition 1.3.50 which is available for download. Digital ArcHound which was originally designed for private use amongst corporate clients back in 2004 has been available for Windows Home Server users since 2007.


Nearly a year of design and new feature enhancements will prove this release to be the most relevant to the general public’s new embrace of “going paperless” and a “green lifestyle”. Digital ArcHound provides businesses and individuals both with a well thought out and versatile document archiving software application that makes a nice compliment to Adobe’s FREE Acrobat Reader.


The new release includes drag and drop technology from a desktop, folder or email attachment and the ability to create a PDF from BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and other image types by dropping right into Digital ArcHound application.


“By providing the ability to drag from an email right into Digital ArcHound, users can save a lot of extra steps to archive PDF documents, getting the job done much quicker. This helps a user to be more effective and handle a document only once. From the email into the archive vault in one step and then you are done.”


Digital ArcHound has incorporated a more robust and powerful Google type search engine that provides enhanced searches by document date, archive date, date processed, sort by title, by business document and date ranges. A Context Menu provides easy document rotation, splitting and deleting. The new Smart PDF Detection feature gives users the ability to turn on or off folders that Digital ArcHound should watch for new PDFs to archive as well as the ability to process existing PDF documents.


Windows XP and Vista (32-bit) have always been supported, now Windows Vista 64-bit versions are supported. Support for scanners that are WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compliant is now included.  A new document detection notification popup window, a resizable workspace window and support for 120 DPI desktops provides viewable details for Medical, X-Rays, Maps, Genealogy and other important images; to highlight a few of the new features in this next release.


“We don’t want to just provide users with another way to archive similar to all those currently available, we wanted to reinvent the process solely with the end-user in mind.”


Founded in 1998, Group Seven Technology has pioneered a number of the software innovations, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


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