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User's Guide Release 1.3.50
How do I Create a new Category or Subcategory?
How do I Edit a Category or Subcategory?
How do I Delete a Category or Subcategory?
Why can't I connect to the Windows Home Server?
Why are some keyboard characters not displayed when typed?
Digital ArcHound does not appear as an Add-In for Windows Home Server
Why does the binder sometimes report problems or take long periods of time to complete?
On the Windows Home Server, how do I relocate or move my archives?
How do I resolve a Class not registered Exception?
How do I delete the Digitizer Port?
When I try to scan, I get an error.
How do I configure the Monitored Folders
How do I resolve Error 1603 when installing on WHS German, French, Spanish or Italian?
What is WIA?
Can I use the Sleep or Hibernation mode?
Why do I receive a message when I archive a password protected or an encrypted file?
How do email an archive from Digital ArcHound when I use web based email like Gmail or Yahoo?
Why am I not able to save my archive if I have entered a Title and/or Keyword?
How do I map a Custom Monitored Document Folder?
How can I see the actual folder locations Digital ArcHound is monitoring?
Why do I receive an error when a PDF is created? Shouldn't it just Move to my Workspace?
What are some different Folder Monitoring Scenarios?
Can I map to a Root Folder on a Drive?
How can I use a Scanner that doesn’t support WIA?
Why do my Workspaces look different on my computers?
What if I want more connector licenses for my Windows Home Server?
What do I do if my PDF did not auto-detect?
How do I setup the Digital ArcHound Client connector on my Home Computers?
How can I set my scanner to work with the DA Document Manager?
I cannot remove my WHS Add-in

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