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DA Document Manager Download

Windows Home Server Edition

DA Document Manager is translated in English only. The French and German Installers are designed for installation on French and German Windows Home Servers. 

English Installer
French Installer
German Installer

Important: It is always recommended that you perform a backup prior to beginning any hardware or software installation or upgrade process.

Upgrades: In order to preserved your current data, you must answer "Yes" twice to the data preservation questions during the upgrade/update process: first, during the uninstall process and; second, during the update installation process.
Failure to answer "Yes" during both the uninstall and the subsequent install will require you to restore your data once the install has been completed. In your case, you answered "no" to the second question to preserve your data. This is why your data was intact, but the database was empty. (note: a restore after each upgrade is not necessary if you select "Yes" to preserve your archives during uninstall and reinstall)


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