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DA Document Manager 2016 - Powerful, Affordable, Easy 

DA Document Manager is the affordable, easy-to-use, document organizer and document management solution that significantly decreases your cost, time and effort required to store and retrieve your important documents.  DA Document Manager was designed by you, our customers, to make saving and finding documents simple.  It really is that easy.

Available Versions: Windows PC (Windows 7, 8, 10), Windows Home Server, SBS 2003, Server 2008

Your documents, such as financial statements, credit-card bills, medical records, insurance policies, business records, copies of checks and receipts, are very important to you.  And, they are most important to you when you need to find them quickly. This is why smart people are turning to DA Document Manager to finally "Go Paperless!"

Windows 7


"DA Document Manager gives me "peace of mind" knowing that I have quick, private access to my most important documents.  I trust my own digital copies of financial records just in case they are no longer available online.  Take a moment, literally, to organize and preserve your own copies of your documents ... you will be glad you did!" - G. Stephen - DA Document Manager User

New Name

Digital ArcHound is now
DA Document Manager

Since Digital ArcHound has been significantly enhanced, we felt it appropriate to enhance the name too

Now we refer to Digital ArcHound as the DA Document Manager

Enjoy the latest in technology and ingenuity encompassed in this premiere document management software

See how easy it is to use DA Document Manager.  These short 1-2 minute videos will help you to become more proficient with DA Document Manager.  To see the videos, click on Support or click HERE.


Easily Archive Records

Save your records into documents using your own keywords

Organize your important information using your own categories

Find them the way that makes sense to you, or use our comprehensive search filter

Email your stored digital documents with ease

Convert documents to PDF files using our Free PDF digitizer printer

Import all of your PDF files that were created or saved using other applications

Drag your PDF or Image from your Desktop, Folder or even your Email

Yes, it is that easy!


New Version

The new 2016 version of DA Document Manager for Windows incorporates many of the user requested features sent in over the past years.

New features include a whole new user interface boasting the enhanced Windows Ribbon technology as found in the latest releases of Microsoft software.

Plus you can drag and drop a new document right onto an existing document in your search results to add it to your file... really fast and really easy!
See how DA Document Manager is used by businesses and home users by reviewing these use case presentations



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